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Map of Greenland, Kalaalit Nunaat

Greenland – KaIaalit Nunaaat – is Kim Kielsen facing an unstable autumn?

    By Mikael Hertig * Siumut rebellion is postponed, not closed down As earlier articles have explained, internal dissatisfaction with Kim Kielsen is a threat to his leadership – both in the Siumut party — and the Government, Naalakkersuisut. The threat looks like a big internal challenge to the Siumut party. The Government can hardly just change from one…

Foto af Nivi Olsen, Demokraterne Greenland

Greenland: The Democrats interfere in Siumut quarrel

  By Mikael Hertig, Denmark. Master of Political Science August 14 2019         The party “Democrats” intervenes in the Siumut Party’s internal conflict.       The Democrats weak support to independence Like most of the  Greenlandic parties, also the Democrats claims to work for full independence. Greenland is a former Danish colony. Today, Greenland is governed…

Map of Greenland in northern circumpolar

Greenland: Kielsen will not retire immidiately – but later UPDATED

Crisis in Government of Greenland: Kielsen will retire at a later stage By Mikael Hertig August 14 2019     As mentioned in an article yesterday, seven members of  the chair of Siumut party (“Siumut” = “Avance”) claimed the retirement of Kim Kielsen, Prime Minister of Government of Greenland . The crisis is obvious, and the weakened Prime Minister has…