Greenland: The Democrats interfere in Siumut quarrel

Kim Kielsen,. Landsstyreformand 19. juli 2017 og formand for Siumut


By Mikael Hertig, Denmark. Master of Political Science

August 14 2019


The party "Democrats" intervenes in the Siumut Party's internal conflict.

Foto af Nivi Olsen, Demokraterne Greenland

Nivi Olsen The Democtats, Greenland (selfie)


The Democrats weak support to independence

Pie Chart with mandates, political greenlandiv parties

Mandates Support parties: Attasut, Democrats, Nunatta

Like most of the  Greenlandic parties, also the Democrats claims to work for full independence. Greenland is a former Danish colony. Today, Greenland is governed partly from Copenhagen ( Justice, police, defence, banking and financials ...) and from Naalakkersuisut, Government of Greenland. Most of the local matters, ie. Health Care, Education, Church, Taxation, Fishing & Hunting, Mining, is run by the Government. Local bills are passed through Inatsisartut, Greenland's parliament.  The party program (in Danish) you can find here . It is obvious that for Democrats independencece is not the first priority, as it is for the traditonal Siumut party. Now, Nivi Olsen declares to Greenlands TV and Radio KNR that: "We support the actual government as long as Kielsen is Prime Minister; if the chair and Prime minister changes to a new leader, Siumut Party cannot automatically presuppose the sontinued support from the Democrats." Without the support from the Democrats, the days of the Siumut-government are over. Nivi Olsen's statement seems to me to interfere directly in the central conflict in Siumut. While Kim Kielsens approach to independence is less unclear than that of the traditonal Siumut approach, the Siumut rebellions expressing no confidence in Kielsen are more strongly working for a fast track to independence. Kielsen seems to have a good relation to the new Danish Prime minister Mette Frederiksen. (Social Democrat).

Who will lead Siumut: This is not just an internal matter

If the Independent fighters win the internal battle Siumut the result is likely to be a new independence fighter. This seems to be the real dispute inside the Siumut party. A new election is likely to follow the trend for the time being: The support to independence is getting weaker. It is still easy to register, but the priority among other items seems to be under soaking. The  statement from the Democrats thus works as a strong support to Kielsen. The conclusion is: It is not conclusive yet that Kielsen cannot survive as Prime Minister and chair for Siumut.    

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